Activation Devices

All purposes and situations are catered for with the wide range of Activators available, providing you with a high level of flexibility, security and safety.

From push buttons mounted on walls or columns and easily reached by hands, to pull switches activated by pulling a hanging synthetic rope located on ceilings or overhead structures, and key switches, activators are also available in non manual models.

An Induction Loop activator, positioned in the floor, operates by detecting metal objects, whether they are moving or stationery, and only opens for such objects.

Radio remote transmitters send signals to the aerial on the receiver, emitting the switch command. This activation option ensures security as each signal is coded and only operates the door if the transmitter and receiver codes match.

Photoelectric barriers enable opening when the barrier is interrupted by an object, whilst a Multibeam light barrier works in much the same way, but covers a larger area. Also available are Radar and Infrared motion detectors, which react only to moving objects such as vehicles and pedestrians.

For added safety, traffic or flashing lights can be combined with each and every activator.