Rapid Roll Doors

CBS TORMAX the exculsive Tasmanian dealer for ALBANY ASSA ABLOY brings a large range off models to suit almost any application.

Rapid Roll High Performance interior and exterior doors incorporate advanced control systems and can move at speeds up to 3 meters per second, easily handling up to hundreds of cycles per hour. Their superior safety devices enhance the protection of people, products and processes, and can be customised to each individual application.

For doors that improve the working environment through reducing energy loss, speeding up work processes and lowering maintenance costs, Rapid Roll Doors are a perfect choice

300I High Performance DoorZoom Image

300I High Performance Door

The RapidRoll 300I electronic door, constructed from stainless steel and applicable for a diverse range of industrial indoor situations, is a modular system allowing for custom configurations.

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330 High Performance DoorZoom Image

330 High Performance Door

Made from anodised aluminium framing and clear PVC or RollTex® and NomaTex® curtain, the 330 electronic door is suitable for varying indoor applications to prevent drafts, separate rooms and environments or for hygienic areas.

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660A High Performance DoorZoom Image

660A High Performance Door

Constructed from PVC, or extremely rigid and tear resistant RollTex® door curtain, the 660A door is a highly suitable for both internal and demanding external conditions.

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3000 High Performance DoorZoom Image

3000 High Performance Door

This interior or exterior door is available in widths from 600mm – 5000mm and heights from 2500mm – 5000mm and is made from galvanised steel framing and an anodised aluminium curtain, with the option of having insulated, window or perforated slats.

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M&I Re-Coil Away High Performance DoorZoom Image

M&I Re-Coil Away High Performance Door

For those areas of high cycle and traffic the M&I RCA door with its extremely fast opening speed (1m/sec) is the ideal answer.

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Aktor DoorZoom Image

Aktor Door

Low cost rapid roll door for light commercial applications

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